Oracol XOR
Create a XOR address using our wallet
See our forum thread for details: ORACOL XOR - Crypto Platform
Connect your miner to our pool:
  • Username: your oracol wallet address
  • Password: anything
  • Algorithm: scrypt
Available ports:
  • stratum+tcp:// - start diff 128, min diff 16
  • stratum+tcp:// - start diff 1024, min diff 512
  • stratum+tcp:// - start diff 16384, min diff 8192
  • stratum+tcp:// - start diff 112000, min diff 65536
All ports are Vardiff enabled. Please choose a port accrording to your mining equipment:
  • Port 2222 is provided for fun and for our legacy GPU and CPU miners. Please keep in mind that at the current network difficulty you will see little rewards if mining with a GPU or a CPU.
  • Use port 4444 if you have an older or a low power ASIC miner.
  • Use port 7777 if you have a previous generation or a medium power ASIC miner.
  • Use port 8888 if you have a latest model ASIC miner or if you are renting serious hashing power.
Your difficulty will be dinamically adjusted according to your actual hashrate, but it will not go lower then the specified threshold for each port. Here is a little guide for choosing the right port for you:
  • Choose port 2222 if you want to have a little fun with a GPU or a CPU miner. Don't choose any of the other ports, as the minimim difficulty at those ports is too high for anything besides ASICs.
  • Choose port 4444 if your miner is capable of up to 30-40 MH/s.
  • Choose port 7777 if your miner is capable of 30-500 MH/s. If your miner can't do at least 30 MH/s, don't choose this port, as the minimum difficulty might make it impossible for you to submit shares in time.
  • Choose port 8888 if you have an Antminer L3+ or something similar. Also choose this port if you rent hashing power in excess of 500 MH/s. The minimum difficulty for this port is set high, so that high power miners never drop below their capable efficency. Don't choose this port for anything besides high hashrate, as otherwise you won't be able to submit shares in good time.
Keep in mind that the limiting factor is the minimum difficulty. You can choose any of the lower ports if you have a high power miner and the pool will adjust the difficulty to suit your hashing power. However, choosing a high port for a low power miner will make it impossible for you to submit valid shares in good time, because of the minimum difficulty.

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